Manage Your Time or It Will Manage You

As Community Association Managers, we know that our lists, schedules and plans for the day are often changed due to whatever crisis presents itself when we arrive at the property. Those unexpected interruptions are part of the deal; however, how many times are we interrupted by owners and board members who just want to visit, or sit and watch what is going on in the office?

We must set an expectation as to how much time we can devote to these visits. It’s okay to ask them to limit their time to five minutes, or set an appointment to discuss a matter that goes beyond the time we have at the moment. It is also prudent to let the board members know if you are too busy to discuss what their “non-emergency” issue is, and you would be happy to address it at your earliest convenience.

If we continue to allow others to manager our time, we will end up working on our own time, and that is not fair to us or our family. Allowing the job to interfere with our personal time is a major reason manager’s “burn-out”.

Endeavor to find balance, and you do a better job at work, and be a better friend, spouse and parent.


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